About Us

Who we are


We're an eclectic mix of artists and art lovers. We are painters, photographers, sculptors, writers, musicians, fiber artists, potters, glass artists, paper artists, illustrators, doll-makers, basket-makers, quilters and more.

More about us


Some of us are formally educated in art and experienced. Some are self-taught. Some are just getting started with art. Some have lofty ambitions but others are just interested in art for art's sake. We love you all.

We include all


Join us some Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. at Creek Deli, Academy Street in Cambridge MD. We'd love to include you in our events and activities, regardless of your background.

Here's what we do have


We have  speakers, exhibits, roundtable discussions, visits to art venues, movies, seminars, sharing of ideas and experiences, selling tips, and the funnies. And once a month, some of us spend a little social time together.

Here's what we don't have


We don't have any elections, a board of directors, a set of encumbering by-laws, dues or fees. And we've been loving and working in Cambridge MD for 13 years without all the non-art, make-life-harder-than-it-has-to-be "stuff." Don't you just love this??

Our meetings

We meet most Wednesdays at 8 a.m. at Creek Deli, Academy Avenue, Cambridge, MD. You can call Nancy at 410.463.0148 or e-mail ncsnyder@aol.com. Or, we'd be just as happy if you want to drop in some Wednesday morning.

We all enjoy the social aspect of the meetings that takes place before and after. But the meetings generally are when we have speakers or art viewings or demos. And while some of us are having coffee or breakfast, we talk about new or current projects, what's going on around town, problem solving, idea creating, and, of course, we most always have the funnies. 


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