Just Other Things About Us

We Teach Classes


Students from the Eastern Shore Hospital Center came to the Dorchester Center for the Arts to learn pottery-making. This over-the-shoulder picture shows the great results. These pieces were sold at a very successful fundraiser.  

Third Tuesday Fun


 On the Third Tuesday of each month, some of us gather at a local restaurant for a little social time together. We've been doing this for many years!

Summer Reception


 We sponsor an annual Summer Reception for artists in the area. Each is encouraged to bring a piece of their art to show. We spend a wonderful afternoon together. 

Pleasant Day Donation


We often donate to the Pleasant Day Adult Day Care Center. Here's a 16-panel window for which 16 of us painted or decorated one panel.  When it all came back together, it looked great!

Front Window at the Arts Center


Over the years, we have often decorated the front window of the Dorchester Center for the Arts. This one promoted the upcoming children's classes. 

Quilt Commemorating Harriet Tubman


The quilt-makers in our group went to work and created this beautiful quilt to honor Harriet Tubman. It now hangs in the Tubman Museum in Cambridge MD

Banner Feature


A few years ago, The Dorchester Banner newspaper honored us with an 18-week series called Meet Your Wednesday Morning Artist. Here's one of the articles.

Fire Facade Mosaic


Alongside many of our friends, we helped to create the mosaic that decorated the burned facade on Race Street. It's gone now but it was quite a work of art.

Halloween Windows


We drew Halloween pictures on large sheets of heavy paper that fit the empty downtown windows. We took them to the schools and the students painted them. Then we put them in the windows on Race and Poplar Streets.

Plein Air Cambridge


 For a few years, we produced a day of Plein Air Easton in Cambridge MD. We had painters all around town and a prize-awarding ceremony at the end of the day.  The artists loved Cambridge.

Someone Painted Us!


 Here is plein air painter Kirk Larsen who came to our early morning meeting and painted us. Fabulous painting--and his stock-in-trade is that he stands on one foot while he paints!!

Donation to DCA


 One year, we donated a sound system to the Dorchester Center for the Arts. It had multiple mics, some cordless, a control panel, speakers and lots of other features. 

We Get Invited


Occasionally, one of us gets invited to speak at the meeting of some other group. Here we are at the Cambridge Women's Club.

Empty Bowls


W've participated in Empty Bowls, a fundraising project to fight hunger. For a donation, you select a bowl that gets filled with soup. The bowl is yours to remind you that someone else's bowl is empty.  

Cannery Way Mosaic


This large mosaic at Cannery Way in Cambridge MD shows the development of the town. We are proud to have helped with the design and production of this art. And there is a plaque on site about us.

Annie Oakley Festival


For the Annie Oakley Festival, we drew a picture on a large board and helped the children to color it. It made us very popular with the younger set.

Line Design Plates


 One of our talented ceramicists/potters helped us fundraise by creating sets of plates with zen drawings on them that were produced by others of us. This was a fun and profitable project. 

Holiday Gifts


Each year, we collect holiday gifts for the clients of Pleasant Day Adult Day Care Center. Not all of these gifts came from us but Terry, the lady in the picture did. 

Easter Bunny


In April of 2019, we had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny with a large basket of candy. Some of us thought it might be Jean DelSordo but we're not sure. 

Work Horse Farm


A local farm rescues domestic and exotic animals. Some of us went to experience this fantastic place and to take photos. Here's on of Wendy as she encounted a camel on the property. 

Painting In the Window


One of our members wanted to put on painting exhibits in the window of the Hunt Insurance Building on Race Street. Quite a wonderful idea!  

What's Next??


Stay tuned to see what we come up with next. In fact, why don't you join us and lend your voice to the conversations. We'd love to see you some Wednesday morning.