Our Roundtables and Seminars

 These activities give us a chance to delve into specific art-related topics and toss ideas and experiences back and forth.  Here's a look at some of these, in no particular order.  



 Our roundtable discussion on Creativity here in March, produced some interesting ideas. There are lots of techniques and maybe several of them are just what you need to get past those doldrums that sometime happen. 

Roundtable on Instagram


 Lori Uncapher did a great job of telling us why we should be interested in learning about Instagram. The idea is to get followers who are, or should be, interested in what you do. Her personal professional success is an inspiration to us all.  March 2019.

Roundtable on Photobook


Here is Photographer Lynne Browne teaching us about Photobook so we can make personal photo albums for ourselves or for gifts. 

Anne Presented a Seminar on Color


As a fine oil painter, Anne Hock is an expert on olor and she shared her knowledge with us. This was useful for both  painters and photographers.

Framing Art Roundtable

Robert Gladney and Sue Lester led a seminar on framing. A vital skill for those who produce flat art

Robert Gladney and Sue Lester led a discussion on framing. This subject is especially important to those of us who produce flat art. And it's not just the front that counts.

Pricing Art Roundtable


How to price your art is always a lively discussion. Here, Fran Saunders presented a variety of methods for determining fair pricing for your art.

Organizing Art Images


Keeping your art images organized in the computer is a challenge for most. of us Photographer Lynne Browne presented some systems for helping with this.

Artist Statements vs Bios


The forms and uses of Artist Statements and Artist Bios are confusing. So we sat together to learn about them. It's an important subject if you are planning to be an exhibitor.