We've had a great year so far....

....as you can see from the vignettes here, But we've got lots more on our calendar. 

Old Folks Got Talent is coming in June. Scroll down to learn a lot more about this exciting event. 

Then comes Summer Reception, Showcase, Festival of Wreaths, and Gallery of Gifts.


Old Folks Got Talent. If you don't believe this, you need to see what we are planning. We're putting on a show of age 60+ seniors who have talents that they want to show off. And we are going to help them do it!

If you want to perform, auditions are on June 15. 

If you want to come and cheer for your favorite or just have a rockin' good time, put the show on your calendar that will be June 22, at the arts center, 3 to 5:30 p.m.  

Auditions will be held at the Dorchester Center for the Arts in Cambridge MD on Saturday, June 15 from 3 to 5:30 p.m.. To register or ask questions, go to OldFolksGotTalent@gmail.com or call 410-463-0148. 

You don't have to be Fred Astaire or  Frank Sinatra.  Bring us whatever you have: spinning plates, hip-hopping, pulling an orangutan out of a hat, singing your favorite aria, tap dancing on a quarter, singing with your choral group, juggling  lawn chairs, showing your trained cat. After all, this is show business!  

The show will be at the Dorchester Center for the Arts, 321 High Street in Cambridge , Saturday, June 22, 3 to 5:30 p.m. Bring your relatives, your friends, your neighbors and cheer for your favorite who just might win a prize. There will be 3 celebrity judges who will likely be influenced by the audience,

There will be a 50/50 drawing, refreshments, and lots of laughs. Don't miss it!  $10 at the door.  

E-mail OldFolksGotTalent@gmail.com or call 410-463-0148.




Our 2019 Activities

We are waiting for.....


 ,...the opportunity to produce our Old Folks Got Talent event in June. Then comes Summer Reception, Showcase, Pleasant Day Festival of Wreaths, and Gallery of Gifts. Whew!! 

Maiden Maryland


Tracey (in black) and Tammy Lyndee, who own and operate Maiden Maryland, a new Cambridge business, came to talk with us in April, 2019. They love local, original art. So they have come to the right place. 

Our Own Easter Bunny


Surprise! The Easter Bunny brought a basket of candy here in mid-April, 2019. Don't tell anyone but we think there's a good possibility that this is Jean DelSordo. Thanks for the treat, Bunny.

Work Horse Farm


In April, some of us went to Work Horse Farm to photograph the exotic rescued animals. Here is Wendy, excited and a little surprised to be so close to a camel. What a great place this is. 

Susan Dickinson


Susan Dickinson is one of our members. She's a pointilist and does very unconventional pieces--beautiful and creative. Here in January, she told us a lot about her background and what stirs her creative juices..

Mary Handley


Mary Handley visited with us in January. She started by showing us her husband's art and his own prepared glazes. She represents Delmarva Community Services and told us about their facilities and services for disabled and non-disabled. 

Hunt Insurance Windows


Here in the new year, we are back exhibiting at the window of William T. Hunt Insurance at 436 Race Street, Cambridge MD. Here you see the work of Shawn Leffler, Sue Lester, Wendy Rue, Pam Decraecke and Shelby Clendaniel.'

Secrets of the ES

Jill Jasuta and Jim Duffy

Jill Jasuta and Jim Duffy, photographer and writer, were our guests February. They run a book business called Secrets of the Eastern Shore. The genesis and development of this thriving business is fascinating.

Instagram Roundtable


Lori Uncapher did a great job of telling us why we should be interested in learning about Instagram. The idea is to get followers who are, or should be, interested in what you do. Her personal professional success is an inspiration to us all. It all happened in early March. 



Our roundtable discussion on Creativity here in March, produced some interesting ideas. There are lots of techniques and maybe several of them are just what you need to get past those doldrums that sometime happen.

Brandon Hesson Vists


Brandon Hesson, Associate Director of the Economic and Development Division of the City of Cambridge, visited in March to talk about the Arts and Entertainment District--what it's about, changes proposed, and meetings coming up. 

Dave Ryan, Editor


Dave Ryan, Editor of the Banner, came to see us in March of 2019 to tell us about the fascinating  background that he brings to our hometown newspaper. We learned about the process and  got some great tips for submitting articles.

Ready for Coming Events

Ready for Coming Events

Ready for Coming Events

Ready for Coming Events

Ready for Coming Events

Ready for Coming Events